Career Consulting

Jhumur takes a client-centered approach to her career consulting engagements. She lays an emphasis on understanding the client's professional and personal narrative while helping design the career solution that best suits their needs. Some examples include:

  • Crafting a Career Plan of Action: facilitate an evaluation of options for individual based on their current professional and personal scenario to develop a clear short/long term plan of action. 
  • Providing Just-in-time Coaching: to delve into questions clients may have around a salary negotiation discussion, preparing for an interview, dealing with a difficult conversation at workplace to name just a few scenarios. The clients walk away with a clear understanding of their options and a toolkit to use while making decisions.
  • Writing Resume and Cover Letter: to create a professional packet of materials that a client can present to potential employer yielding in interview calls!

"Jhumur has been very instrumental in providing guidance in salary negotiation during my promotion and annual review process. She spent a lot of time understanding my past performance, skills and value in the team while coaching me to place my case to the management. I had great success in my case and her counsel has gone a long way since then. Her insights are very thought provoking and her practical hands on advice makes her best in the industry. She is highly recommended for career building and ongoing salary negotiations." 
S.G., Wall Street Professional, NYC



An Interesting Thought Piece on Career!
Talking about linearity or lack thereof in any career and bringing to light the importance of looking past these and developing one's narrative.